Giotto, St Francis preaching to the birds

Our Marist mission is closely linked with issues of “Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation”. Living the Gospel means working to bring more Justice and Peace where we live. Marists worldwide do so by serving the poor, helping migrants and refugees to integrate, working for social justice, creating awareness for ecology and implementing concrete systems to live in harmony with nature. Some Marists are active in prison ministry and in interreligious dialogue.

The General Chapter of 2017 decided that “The general administration shall establish ways of communicating information on matters of peace, justice, and the integrity of creation”.

One of the results of this decision was to generate a “jpic blog”:, which publishes every week articles covering a wide range of themes in the field of JPIC.

All those who are interested are welcome to visit our blog. You can also subscribe by opening a blog article and leaving your email address at the end of the page, in ‘comments’.

Laudato Sì

On 24 May 2015, Pope Francis published the Encyclical Letter LAUDATO SI’. The Society of Mary lives with the strong conviction that every person can implement the indications given by Pope Francis in his or her own life, wherever he or she lives. Watch this webconference on the implementation of Laudato Si’ in the Marist world.

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