Forum Novum

 Vitality of Marist studies

This ‘forum’ which usually appears once a year, provides a place of exchange for research in the field of the history and spirituality of the congregation. Many Marists and others contribute. Together all volumes form a substantial library of studies. As the logo, the tree with many branches indicates, the journal includes material on the other Marist branches as well. The articles may relate to the religious history of France and the Pacific, the field of spirituality then and today, and Marian spirituality. They study religious founders and foundations and open up a perspective for Marist, religious and Church life and mission today.

 The name – the journal

In 1816 twelve young men promised to begin the Society of Mary at  the Marian shrine above the city of Lyon, Fourvière. The Latin name was Forum vetus. From there the journal takes its name. Forum Novum is the place to present something of the life, history, and spirituality of this congregation today. Forum Novum was published for the first time in the autumn of 1989. Since then 12 volumes have been published (the more recent ones appear on this website). Publication is under the direction of the superior general and his council. At this time Fr Alois Greiler sm is editor and the main driving force behind the journal. 

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Forum Novum Vol 21.2 - December 2019
Forum Novum Vol 21.1 - December 2019



I. Marist History

♦ + Jean Coste sm, Le Blason de la Société de Marie

♦ + Jean Coste sm, The Coat of Arms of the Society of Mary

 Alois Greiler sm, A Short History of Marists in Schools in Michigan, USA


II. Marist Spirituality

♦ Youssouph Stev Youm sm, Pour une réponse Mariste de la crise migratoire

♦ +Edwin L. Keel sm, Disciple of Her Son: Mary in the Life of the Church.The Society of Mary

 ♦ Alois Greiler sm, Villa Maria: From the House of Mary to the Marian Church

 ♦ Grazia Anna Morelli smsm, L’unione intima e costante con Dio in Suor Marie de la Croix

 ♦ Grazia Anna Morelli smsmL’union intime et constant avec Dieu en Soeur Marie de la Croix


III. International Lay Marist Conference Ireland 2019

♦ Niamh Brennan, The Human Person in an Evolving Universe. Introducing Creation Spirituality

♦ Niamh Brennan, Der Mensch in  einem sich entwickelndem Universum. Hinführung zur Schöpfungsspiritualität

 Maureen Meatcher, How do we live out our Call as Lay Marists in Today’s World? Colin’s Vision for the Society of Mary

 John Larsen sm, Discerning Together Paths for Marists to Walk Confidently into the Future


IV. The Cause of Fr Colin

♦ Ron Nissen sm, Chronology of the Cause (1875-2019)

♦ Alois Greiler sm – Ron Nissen sm, Literature on the Cause of Father Colin

♦ Alois Greiler sm, The Writings of Jean-Claude Colin (1790-1875)

 Ron Nissen sm, Reluctant Saint? The Cause for Beatification of Marist Founder,Fr. Jean-Claude Colin


V. The Colin-Biography by Justin Taylor

♦ Justin Taylor sm, Was Jean-Claude Colin a Founder?

♦ Book Review: Justin Taylor, Jean-Claude Colin, Adelaide, 2018


VI. Mission and Missiology

♦ Cor Rademaker sscc, Katholieke Oceaniëmissies in 1837. De Mannen van Coudrin en Colin

♦ Cor Rademaker sscc, The Catholic Missions in Oceania in 1837. Colin’s and Coudrin’s  Men

♦ Frans Wijsen, Van ‘missiethuisfront’ naar ‘missionaire parochie’: Honderd Jaar Nederlands Missie in Vogelvlucht

♦ Frans Wijsen, From ‘Mission Home Front’ to ‘Missionary Parish’: An Overview of a Century of Dutch Missions


Obituary: Edwin Leo Keel sm (1943-2019)

The authors – Les auteurs

Forum Novum Vol 20 - December 2018


I. Marist Beginnings


♦ Jean Coste sm, The Mandate Given to Marcellin Champagnat by his companions in 1816. An essay on the history of the tradition.

 ♦ Gaston Lessard sm, Le projet de Société de Marie en 1817

 ♦ Gaston Lessard sm, The Planned Society of Mary in 1817


II. Life of the Early Marist Missionaries

♦ Lionel Roos-Jourdan, Nourritures missionnaires. De l’importance de l’alimentation et de ses conséquences sur les missionnaires, la Mission et le territoire

 ♦ Lionel Roos-Jourdan, Images et Missions Maristes d’Océanie    –   ILLUSTRATION

 ♦ Mervyn Duffy sm, We Worship God Better than in the Finest Churches. Liturgy and the early Catholic Missionaries to New Zealand   –   ILLUSTRATION


III. German Marists and World War II


♦ Alois Greiler sm, In the School of the Cross. The German Marists 1933 tot 1950

 ♦ Alois Greiler sm (text) – Elizabeth Charlton (research), From Samoa to Somes and back. The Internment of Father Albert Merten sm and Brother Joseph (Julius) Krieger sm during World War II


IV. Marist Spirituality


♦ Gaston Lessard sm, Decision Making and Marist Spirituality. A reading of three passages from Mayet’s Memoirs: The 1845 deliberations on purchasing a house in Paris

 ♦ Fritz Arnold sm, God Comes from the Future to Us. Prphetic and Mystical Thinking of Colin, the Founder of our Soicety of Mary

Book presentation:

♦ Justin Taylor sm, Jean-Claude Colin. A reluctant Founder, Adelaide, ATF, 2018


The authors – Les auteurs

Forum Novum Vol 17 - December 2015



Marist History and Spirituality / Histoire et spiritualité mariste

♦ Jean Coste sm

Le père Colin et la Société de Marie avant le grand séminaire

♦ Peter McMurrich sm

The 150th Anniversary of Villa Maria Monastery 2015

♦ Lionel Roos-Jourdan

Hommes de foi, hommes de sciences. Missionnaires maristes et ethnographes en Océanie

De l’importance des écrits des missionnaires, depuis les débuts de la mission d’Océanie, jusqu’à nous

♦ Rafael Rámila sm

La influencia de la Venerable María de Agreda sobre el P. Juan Claudio Colin en su manera de comprender el misterio de la Virgen María en su relación con la Iglesia

Simposio sobre María de Agreda. Roma 29-30 de octubre del 2015.

Marists in Education / Maristes en éducation

♦ Philippe Paturel

La première en chemin

Die Erste auf dem Weg

♦ Alois Greiler sm

Marist Ethos in a Global World. 90 Years of St. Mary’s College Blackburn


 23 July 1816 – 23 July 2016: Bi-Centeneray of the Fourvière Pledge. A dossier

The authors – Les auteurs

Forum Novum Vol 16 - December 2014



Réseau Européen Éducation Mariste – Forum 2014 à Toulon
European Marist Education Network – 2014 Forum in Toulon

♦ Bernard Bourtot sm

 Présence mariste dans le Var

 Marist Presence in the County Var

♦ Alois Greiler sm

 The One-Page Rule. Colinian Inspiration for Independent Thinking in Marist Education Today

 La règle d’une page. L’inspiration de Colinpour une pensée libre sur l’éducation mariste aujourd’hui

♦ Lionel Roos-Jourdan

 Les Maristes de la Seyne, le collège des R.R.P.P. maristes durant son premier siècle

Marist History and Spirituality /Histoire et spiritualité mariste

♦ Jan Hulshof sm

 Father Colin and Spiritual leadership

 ’Leader and Servant’ (Luke 22:26 inConst. 177)

♦ Lionel Roos-Jourdan

 Jean Baptiste Podevigne, mariste,missionnaire et marin. L’aumônier baroudeur de Dieu

♦ Ken Scadden

 Brief History of Mount Street Cemetery Wellington

♦ Bernard Thomasset sm

 – Éducation dans la deuxième génération mariste : 1854-1880

 Les vrais principes de l’éducation chrétienne: Antoine Montfat sm, Rappelés aux maîtres et aux familles, 1875

 Commentaire par le père Raffin dutexte sur l’éducation ajoute aux Constitutions de 1872 par le chapitre général de 1873

♦ Thomas G. Dalzell sm

 The Marists and All Hallows College

♦ Gerald Arbuckle sm

 The ‘Francis Factor’ and the People of God

♦ Jan Snijders sm

 The Marist Founding Myth

♦ Gaston Lessard sm

 About “the Marist Founding Myth”


The authors – Les auteurs

Forum Novum Vol 15 - December 2013
Forum Novum Vol 14 - December 2012
Forum Novum Vol 11 - December 2009
Cover Page
Présentation – H. Bonnet-Eymard sm
Presentation – H. Bonnet-Eymard sm

Marists after Vatican II / Maristes après Vatican II

►A Greiler sm
Marists at Vatican II

►A. Brambila fms
Les Frères Maristes et le sacerdoce après Vatican II

►J. Hopkinson sm
A Marist’s Missionary Journey in the Latin American Church. In the Spirit of Vatican II, Medellin, Puebla and Aparecida

►J. Hopkinson sm
Un caminar de un misionero marista por la iglesia de America Latina en el espiritu del Vaticano II, Medellin, Puebla y Aparecida

►J. Hulshof sm
Peter and Mary. A Chapter of Marist Spirituality

►J. Hulshof sm
Pietro e Maria.Un capitolo della spiritualità marista

►H. Kronenberg sm – H. Saris sm
Catechists and Church Workers in the church of Bougainville

►P. Westerman sm
Présence attentive dans notre temps

►J. Thornhill sm
The Society of Mary in the Aftermath of Vatican II


Marists and Education / Maristes et éducation

►B. Malone sm
Colin and Colleges

►M. Á. Ramírez González sm
María de Guadualupe, un modelo pedagógico para nuesto tiempo. El caso del Colegio Franco Inglés en México

Short Notices – Notices Brèves

►P. Leamy smsm,
Auxiliaries of the Marist Missionaries–Women’s perspectives

►A. Kennedy sm, S. Faka’osi sm, M. Crawford sm, P. Matairatu sm, G. Momis sm, R. Girana sm, S. Maetara sm
The First Oceanian Marist: Petelo Likumoakaaka

►E. Keel sm,
The Logo for Forum Novum and Maristica

►G. Lessard sm,
Forum Novum de 1989 à 1999

►G. Lessard sm,
Forum Novum from 1989 to 1999

►G. Bigotto fms,
A dix ans de la Canonisation

Books received – Livres reçues

The Authors

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