Foreign Missions

From its earliest days members of the Society of Mary were sent from France to the other side of the world to bring the Gospel to those who had never heard it. In January 1836 Pope Gregory XVI entrusted the Catholic missions of Western Oceania in the South Pacific to the newly formed Marist Fathers and, in the light of their courageous acceptance of that mission on 29th April 1836 Rome gave its approval to the Society as a legitimate religious congregation. A few months later on 24th September 1836 the first Marists made their profession. Within three months, on Christmas Eve 1836, the first group of Marist missionaries left for Western Oceania.

Since that time the mission has taken Marists to all the continents.

In the same spirit today, Marists are still prepared to leave family and country to go to places where the needs of the people are great.

One of these missions is the “Marist Mission Ranong“. Ranong is a fishing village in the South of Thailand where migrant Burmese come to escape conflict and poverty in their own country. The Marists are present there with a Mission since many years. They seek to help Burmese refugees by offering educational opportunities, supporting their basic health needs, and assist them as they seek a better future for themselves and their children. Watch here their annual report 2020: “Growing brighter Futures” or view the pdf.

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