Education and Youth

The education of children, adolescents and young people has long been a focal ministry for Marists.  Fr Colin described young people as “God’s children that are entrusted to us” and he described the formation of the human person as “a sublime task”. Further, to educate a person in a Christian way was “a heavenly work”, a kind of “second creation”.

Colin showed himself to be a wise and gifted teacher who had a special love and affection for young people and a deep admiration for the work of education.  This ministry continues today through those Marists who work in schools and those with whom they work.

Marists minister as administrators, teachers, counselors and chaplains in schools in a number of countries.

In recent years Marist have also become involved in less institutional ways of ministering to youth, especially with concern for those in special need, those marginalized by society, for example: children of asylum seekers, street kids, the handicapped.

here are youth groups linked to local parishes, or chaplaincy groups in our schools and colleges.

Every two years an international Marist Youth Meeting takes place somewhere in the world, and young people join together for some days in a joyful atmosphere. Many young people worldwide are seeking God, seeking for meaning, seeking for mission, seeking for friendship. Discovering not to be alone, and to be able to continue this fascinating journey in the company of many other youngsters proves to be encouraging and inspiring.

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