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The end of the Colin Year

Dear fellow Marists

A year ago I proposed that we focus our attention on our founder Jean-Claude Colin using his writings and spiritual insights as an integral part of our prayer and reflection. Our hope was that each of us could familiarise himself/herself more with Fr Colin as a spiritual teacher, deepening our grasp of his beliefs and diffusing them among the people of God.

Fr Colin led an exemplary life of faith and gave the Church an abounding treasure through his spiritual writings and unique mission encapsulated in the purposes of the Society of Mary where the focus is on Mary leading humanity to her Son wherever Marists are on mission.

Integral to our mission as Marists has to be a living out of the spirituality of the one who gave so much to the church of his time and through us can give so much to the world of today. Drawing closer to our founder, his person, his message and his virtues, will help us to be more creatively present in the contemporary world which is so different from his world and yet in many aspects is also much the same.

As Jean-Claude Colin understood his time and responded to it, so we too, drawing from his wisdom and example, can respond to the needs of our times and engage wholeheartedly with the ongoing mission of the Society of Mary.

We have now come to the end of this year and it is an opportune time for us to take concrete steps to ensure that our devotion to Fr Colin will continue.

A special thanks to those of you who did much to ensure the fulfilment of the invitation to focus more directly on our founder and his message. May you continue this mission with renewed energy and hope.

Fr John Hannan SM

Superior General

The images of the celebration for the end of the Colin Year at the General House: