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Seminar of the Network of City Centre Churches

A report from  London, where this week confreres participated in the Alpha Leadership Conference and held their second international seminar of the Network of City Centre Churches:

During an interview on the first day of the Alpha Leadership Conference, Cardinal Tagle of Manila was asked what qualities leaders need. He replied “A capacity to laugh, to smile, to laugh at your own in-capacities - to me, it's a call… to be free in the spirit... I don't need a grim face, I can laugh at my own mistakes. I take Jesus seriously, but I take other things lightly.” A group of 21 Marists and their partners in the City Centre Evangelisation ministry, joined thousands of other Christian believers from different denominations, countries and continents - around 6,000 -  to explore the meaning of Christian Leadership. This event was part of the second seminar of the Marist City Centre Churches Network, following on after the one in San Francisco in August 2015. Marist participants came from Wellington, Sydney, San Francisco, London, Passau, Rome and Mexico City. As well as attending the Leadership Conference, they reflected on the Marist approach and contribution to this ministry in the contemporary culture, especially in an urban context. The challenge is to lead people into relationship with God and enable them to become his disciples for others.