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Marist Fathers leave Venezuela

As part of the restructuring of the District of Peru-Venezuela, last Sunday Marist Fathers handed over the parish in Valencia and so doing closed our presence in Venezuela. Marist arrived in Venezuela in April 1960 when Frs Regonini and Curti, both from Italy, arrived in Maracay. In 1990 the mission in Venezuela became part of the District Peru-Venezuela. Throughout the time many Marists have served in different dioceses, parishes, hospitals, prisons and even as chaplains in the army. They have built churches, facilities and one college "Juan Claudio Colin". On Sunday the Archbishop of Valencia celebrated a solemn mass in the parish of Flor Amarillo, where the Marist Fathers took pastoral care for 46 years. In his homily the Archbishop expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the Marist presence in Venezuela. In the same spirit in the passed weeks the people from the different parish sectors offered warm farewells to the Marist community.